Avantgarde Sound and avantgardesound.com were founded in late 2011 with the release of nChord, the innovative music harmony superalgorithm, for the Lemur multi-touch platform. Today nChord is used in over 100 countries by musicians of all styles and backgrounds, including megastar acts like The Chemical Brothers, and many more.

Our inexorable curiosity for new ways of expression have naturally led us to develop a series of original hardware products for the eurorack platform as well: Avantgarde Sound is today a genuine BOUTIQUE style shop with true handcrafting, and we cater exclusively to a number of eurorack artists and musicians worldwide. We don’t serialize; our products are produced in very small quantities, and we work deliberately with select distributors.

As such our products do have an attitude, and are keen to inspire innovation. We stand for something. We choose a side: it’s called Humanism. We go hand in hand with our equals striving for a more just and richer world for everyone; our creations will ALWAYS reflect this… loudly, and in spite of the hypocrites and parasites. We sincerely feel our philosophy, ethics, products and services are a fine contribution to this end.