Up for grabs: the Novichok 192hp DIY unpowered eurorack case

Announcing the release of our Novichok 192hp DIY unpowerd eurorack case. This piece is conceived especially for DIYers. We set you up with a metal rack case with rails and m3 nuts installed. All you need to add is your own PSU solution, and you are in business.

The name is based on this allegedly Russian-created chemical weapon named “Novichok”, which has been used mostly as a fear campaign against Russia, its government and people.

We feel scare campaigns are mostly comical, if not ridiculous for any respectable world leadership.

Quick specs:

• 86hp x 2 (192hp total)

• sturdy all metal and aluminum case, with superstrong bolts right where it matters

• no power, you choose and install your own third party power supply unit

• 4 aluminum rails with 35 nuts each

• slanted, user friendly configuration

• portable

• 30 Thumbies with transparent washers included

Get it now for: 189usd

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