The No-Brainer Protective Avantgarde Sound Washers

We feel your pain when you see your favorite modules starting to show some ugly rack rash on their (expensive) face plates; it’s almost like denting a nice car. So we bring the solution too: quality Avantgarde Sound Washers in multiple materials, colors, widths and diameters with ONE single purpose: eliminate the risk of rack rash on your modules once and for all.

Quick specs:

• M3


• They are either black, red, white, or semitransparent

• Choose from a variety of materials: high density particle (red), plastic (black or white), or nylon (transparent)

• Widths: 0.5mm, or 1mm

• Diameters: 6mm or 8mm

• nice feel

• sold in different quantities: 50 or 100

But it now: