The HongMengOS, 192hp portable eurorack case is here (SOLD OUT)

Pleased to announce the release of the HongMengOS eurorack case. It’s name is inspired by the upcoming operating system Hong Meng OS by Huawei, which is a Chinese company in the communications field. It’s CFO was detained in Canada under obscure pretenses, and the company itself has been submitted to a multitude of unilateral trade and economic sanctions. We feel it’s immoral, wrong and undemocratic to resort to brutal regime tactics as a means of free trade competition. It stops being “free” competition. It doesn’t add to what we stand for. We hope our HongMengOS case will help the creation of a lot of music and art against such brutal regime policies.

Quick specs:

• 86hp x 2 (192hp total)

• powerful 4.5A power supply

• 4 aluminum rails with 35 nuts each

• compartmentalized and removable front lid accessory

• portable, light, protective

• 30 Thumbies with transparent washers included

Buy here: (Sold out)

Hong Meng, Hung Meng, or Hung Mung (simplified Chinese: 鸿蒙; traditional Chinese: 鴻蒙; pinyin: Hóngméng; Wade–Giles: Hung-meng), literally the Vast Mist, is a character in the Daoist text Zhuangzi and a metaphor for the “primordial world, primeval chaos” in Chinese creation myths.

Meng Wanzhou (CFO and deputy chairwoman, currently out on bail in Vancouver, after being arrested there on 1 December 2018, after an extradition request of US authorities on suspicion of Iran sanctions evasion

• Reports surrounding an in-house operating system being developed by Huawei date back as far as 2012. These reports intensified during the Sino-American trade war, after the United States Department of Commerce added Huawei to its Entity List in May 2019 under an indictment that it knowingly exported goods, technology and services of U.S. origin to Iran in violation of sanctions. • •