nChord v3 HeartEater, the powerful harmony superalgorithm, now released.

Still discounted at 48.30usd

The new and more powerful version of nChord has been just released to the public worldwide. New in v3:

. MIDI Transmit/Receive support
. Full project Save and Recall
. Velocity Chord Mixer (per note custom chord mixer)
. Memory Slot Editing (Chord Edit)
. Notes Display in Memory Slots
. Appearance Improvements with per pad color –coded feedback

. MIDI Transmit/Receive Support (since v1 PadBoard could control external instruments, now with v3 it can also be controlled by your hw controller) TURN YOUR CHROMATIC 3RD PARTY MIDI DEVICE INTO AN IN-HARMONIC MIDI CONTROLLER NOW!!!
. Expression, aftertouch, pitchbend, sostenuto support
. One-touch Scale Switch at Ultra-low latency

. Improved visual feedback with colors
. Replace Base Scale function
. Under-the-hood and overall multiple software routine optimizations

. Display and layout optimization
. Improved velocity sensitivity
. Multiple under-the-hood improvements for better playability

. NoteBoard Sense (realtime MIDI chord designer). Now you can input your custom chords from your external controller in realtime! Save when you want with new HotChord Function.

. New custom Chord Modifiers
. New Layout
. Lock ChordBank function
. PadBoard Transposition
. New External MIDI Control section
. Fine Mexican Cuisine button ; )