Extreme Module Care With The New Thumbies Model E

We care too, and there might be some of you who simply can’t entertain the notion of the slightest metal rash anywhere close to the most precious of modules in your collection. As such we bring to you the new Thumbies Model E.

These are entirely made of nylon and work perfectly with our line of eurorack cases as well as most 3rd party eurorack cases out there.

Quick specs:

• M3


• They are black

• 100% quality nylon thumbscrews

• nice feel

• Two different lengths: 6 mm AND 8mm, suitable for all our eurorack cases and most 3rd party eurorack cases in the world

• sold in different quantities: 10, 20, 30, 50, 100

• come complete with a matching number of protective transparent M3, w: 0.5mm washers (check our different widths, colors and materials)

Get yours now: